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From Caprice Classic to Caprice SS


Sign the Caprice LS1 Petition! Have the beautiful middle eastern Caprice brought to america. Just copy and paste or go to the link section...

This site is for anyone who owns or loves B-Bodies, the great rear wheel drive V8's. From Impala's to Wagons, stock to modified, show quality to beaten daily driver, all are welcome. I hope to keep this page informative and useful for all the b-bodies, so if you have anything to contribute, please email me.
I own a 1996 Caprice Classic 4.3L V8, and like most, I am obsessed with modifing it. Or, as my father says, "building a hot rod". I call my car a Caprice SS, because when I am 'done' doing all of the mods I plan, it will no longer look or act like a Caprice Classic or an Impala SS.
My boyfriend Steve owns a very nice 96 Impala SS BBB, and is also stricken with mod fever. With his help and expertise, along with my Uncle's, I am learning just how much I can do to my car.
I hope you enjoy this site.

Fixing Manufacturer's Links page, will be done soon.
Added Technical Information page, I'm adding some pictures and charts.
Added pic's of my Caprice and my boyfriend's Impala!!!

Please email me with any suggestions or comments.