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Side Molding Delete
Heat Gun(recommended), GooGone(or similar), fishing line.
1) Let the car sit in the sun on a warm day for about an hour.
2) Start on an end and with even force pull on the molding, it should start to come up. If not, hold the heat gun about 1' away from the car and move in circles over the molding.
3) If any molding will not come up, hold fishing line like dental floss and "see saw" it back and forth under the molding while pulling it down the length of the molding.
4) Once all the molding is removed, remove excess tape by rolling it with your thumb. Use the heat gun to loosen the tape if needed.
5) Remove all residue with the googone and a soft rag or similar.
6) Wash and wax car to remove googone and any dirt/residue, and to protect paint.

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Side Molding Delete

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