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History of my Caprice SS

My car was bought new in 1996 by an Oriental Rug company. It was extremely well taken care of, and when I bought it in April 2001 (with only 46,287mi) it looked completely brand new inside and out. It is (for now) a 1996 Caprice Classic 4.3L V8 with a silver exterior and grey cloth interior. I had been originally looking for a 9C1 Caprice, but after looking around for 3 months, I realized that I would be better off buying something that wasn't beaten on and would only cause me problems. Since this car is my daily driver, I need it to be reliable. So far the only problems I have had are a bad shock (which I was upgrading anyway) and the differential cover leaking (see, Troubleshooting). Over-all I am very happy with my 'old man car'.

My Background

Hi, my name is Megan. You might know me as sstilletto on the forums. I'm not quite sure how I became interested in cars, and let's face it, there are few girls who are. I believe I can blame my love of cars on my Uncle Dave (a mechanic), and my love of the B-bodies on my boyfriend Steve (owner of a gorgeous BBB 96 Impala).
Other than modding my car, I also like going to concerts (rock), playing darts and pool, the outdoors, and anything that sounds like fun.

I work at Genetics Institute, a biopharm. company, on third shift. If I didn't have this job, I couldn't afford my car let alone the mod's I've done and am planning on doing. (Did I mention we're hiring? Email me if you live in eastern MA/Southern NH)